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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inspiring Prof Huang Mei Lian

(Lyrics):黃美廉(Huang Mei Lian) 

(Music):王麗玲 (Wang Li Ling)


如果我能完整唱一首歌(if I could complete singing a song)

那將是對祢的感恩和讚美(That will be my thanks giving and praise towards you)

苦難中 祢給我安慰(In trails you give me comfort)

徬徨時 祢給我智慧(In confusion you give me wisdom)

雖然我不能開口唱一首歌(Even though I cannot open my mouth and sing a song)

我卻要對祢獻上真誠敬拜( I would like to offer you my sincere worship)

每時刻祢的手牽引我(Every moment your hands guide me)

祢慈愛使我開懷(Your loving kindness delighted me)

天上的雲雀啊 會唱的人們哪(Sparrows in the sky and to those of you who can sing)

你們可願代我 歌頌上帝無比之美(On my behalf you could sing of God’s awesome beauty)

我願用耳傾聽 我願用心共鳴(I hear with my ears and cherish with my heart)

這發自內心深處 最美的聲音(This is from the depths of heart, the most beautiful sound)

我真愛祢 我真愛祢( I truly love you, I truly love you)

Behind this beautiful song, there is a touching story. This song is written by Professor Huang. She was born in Tainan. The negligence of doctor during delivery resulted in the damage of motor control centers of the developing brain. She was unable to walk and sit at the age of four. Her distressed mother desperately searched for doctors to treat her. However, all the effort brought only disappointment. Depressed, her mother thought of killing her and committing suicide after that. Despite malfunction in motor control center of her brain, but her state of mind is completely normal. Distortion of facial muscle, uncoordinated limb movement and speech difficulty often impressed on others that she is either idiot or retarded.

Professor Huang Mei Lian

She recalled vividly, at the age of six or seven, crawling in front of her house doorstep, neighbors were looking at her and telling her grandma “your granddaughter is good enough for circus in future” When she was in standard one, she couldn’t even hold a spoon. She made a mess out of every meal. Dishes and grains of rice were on the floor and her mother had to pick up the grain of rice one by one. During her school day, the first thing to overcome was learning how to write. She could not even hold a pencil. Her mom had to hold her hand and write with her, stroke by stroke.

Another Picture of Professor Huang

She only learnt how to hold a pen in standard two. Standard two is the life turning point for Professor Huang. One day Professor of Art Ma Zhi Jiang found that little Mei Lian could draw very well. Prof Ma then said to her “Mei Lian, you draw very well, you are gifted in art, you should learn drawing. You can be a very good painter when you grow up” Through many years of hard work, in 1993 Mei Lian got a Phd of Art from University of California and was given The Outstanding Youth Award. Today Professor Huang Mei Lian is a renowned painter in Taiwan.

One of the many art works of Professor Huang

Professor Huang’s father is a pastor. He believes whatever given by God is good. For this very simple reason, he refused to give up on his girl. He ignored the doubtful public gaze. He does not deny his daughter in public, instead proudly announces to the public that this is her daughter and telling his friends “this is my daughter, “God loves her and I love her too” and now everyone loves her. Professor Huang received the same education as the other children. Her father believes that she is the same as other children and Mei Lian thinks so too. Therefore she received the same treatment(punishments and rewards) as other children. Encouraged by her teacher, she gets involve in art. She creates her own world. She lives a perfect life out of an imperfect body and her heart is full of enthusiasm for life.

Another master piece of Prof Huang

Professor Huang is a Christian. She believes God loves her. Every time she goes for sharing due to difficulty in speech and even making signs, she often struggles to put the message across. An interpreter will normally help her to share her thoughts. Even though to Professor Huang, singing sounds impossible but through her spirit in art she draws and shares a beautiful and colourful life.

When we hear the struggles of Professor Huang, us , with perfect functioning limbs have no right at all to hate this life. In fact, we should love this life. If you have unhappy memories in life, I sincerely hope this little story of Professor Huang can encourage you and lift up your spirit. God Bless!

**Professor Huang is sharing in Jing Dao Methodist Church(Jalan Song) Kuching 17/8 Tues 7.30pm and 18/8 Wed 7.30pm at Chin Guang Methodist Church Kuching

*I would like to acknowledge that i have taken this piece of story in mandarin from the website below.

I have translated and rephrased it. Should there be any misinterpretation please correct me and i will make amendment ....sorry and thanks.. Hope you enjoy reading :-)

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